Vincent features an interviewing Hayley, Freya, Klaus, and you will Marcel


Vincent features an interviewing Hayley, Freya, Klaus, and you will Marcel

The guy informs them they require a plan to assault new Hollow very Hayley normally stab her once again together blood therefore they’re able to defeat her. Hayley claims the new Ancestors’ enchantment need a compromise which an totally new vampire should pass away. Vincent says that Elijah needs to pass away to allow them to is actually and you will eliminate the empty. Hayley and you may Klaus do not like the plan. It attempt to come up with their own to save Elijah.

Hayley goes back in order to the girl space Promise comes into the bedroom worried. They mention exactly how sick he or she is. Vow asks when the she can help and you may Hayley says to this lady they do everything you capable. It kiss and you can Hayley retains her rigid.

Guarantee agrees to aid, however, Hayley says to the lady it’s okay in the event that she doesn’t want to help

Hayley match with Klaus and you will Freya. Freya informs them that Vincent told you the newest ancestors told you they can imprison the Hollow. Freya reveals him or her the woman talisman. She tells him or her if Elijah is about to die she is lay their spirit in her talisman. Klaus requires he will function as the you to definitely be sacrificed to save yourself Elijah. Hayley and Freya was shocked and concerned by the Klaus’ decision.

Hayley and Freya pick Elijah and try to rescue your. Hayley attacks among Hollow’s followers inside her wolf means. The Empty, back into this lady spirit setting, symptoms and you may ruins the plan. Adopting the Empty kills Elijah, Hayley rushes off to his human body and strokes his face. Klaus need to know what happened which have Elijah’s spirit along with her talisman. Regrettably she only has a whole lot more traumatic new, this lady talisman try forgotten along the way, leaving Hayley, Klaus and Freya devastated and you can saddened.

Hayley is by using Freya the woman is however amazed more than what happened. Once the Freya throws straight back along with her her talisman. Hayley requires to know away from Elijah’s heart managed to make it so you’re able to the woman talisman. Freya continues to shed their enchantment, however, usually do not feel Elijah’s heart. Overwhelmed and you can unable to concentrate, Hayley informs her to help you rest. Klaus walks in the place informing them these include wasting the time. The guy knows that Elijah’s spirit is in the girl talisman and you will pleads to possess Freya to take him right back. Hayley shouts at Klaus requiring which he must back off. When Freya says to them she demands more time to see if Elijah’s heart is within there, all of them of them break apart in tears. When guarantee is available in she suits Freya’s shoulder. Together with her, it get a hold of a look off Elijah plus the purple home. Freya tells Hayley and you can Klaus one to she believed your however, every she experienced try pain and you can distress. And that surprises and surprises both Klaus and you may Hayley.

When you look at the Phantomesque, Hayley, Freya and you can Klaus talk about resurrecting Elijah because of the recovery and you may place their spirit returning to their body.

Because the Freya and you can Klaus try arguing, Hayley tells Klaus to back down to own taking in the Freya and you can says to him when planning on taking an excellent breather in order to find some sky

Hayley and you can Freya always speak. Hayley was nervous and you will asks Freya if the woman is ready providing Elijah right back. After Freya gets right back off in Elijah’s attention. She says to Hayley you will find unnecessary memories and you may she are unable to save Elijah or fix the girl pendant. Hayley requires Freya in the event that she will be able to get into Elijah’s brain. Given that Hayley and you can Freya speak. Freya tells Hayley you to she will be able to go into Elijah’s notice, in the event the the girl girl Hope may help.

Hayley will be taking off Hope’s magical bracelet. Hope would not back off. Hayley hits their wrist provide Freya the the lady bloodstream to support brand new enchantment because she foretells Freya in the exactly what she must do.

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